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10 Best Soundbars under 500 – Reviews, Features & Pros/Cons

The performance of soundbars is increasing day by day thanks to the advancement in audio technology. If you are searching for a soundbar under the tag of $500, there is an avalanche of options for you. With a right decision, you can get yourself a smart and efficient soundbar with HDMI compatibility, music streaming via Wi-Fi, the capability of surround-sound and so on. If you’re looking for more information about $500 soundbars, then our buying guide would help you in this regard.

You have your specific audio requirements, and you need to think them over. That is why you cannot just get a speaker from huge TV makers or manufacturers. There are many other models available, but you still have to buy the one that can satisfy you. Some people want speakers with good bass and little stereo efficiency for gaming. Meanwhile, some want loud but a simple soundbar. So, what is it that you need?

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Users often face issues when they mistake a product for something else and purchase it. For instance, they need to get a taste of virtual surround sound, but they end up getting stereo speakers. When they use a wrong remedy, it doesn’t serve as a valid deal. It becomes even more confusing when you have a variety of soundbars to choose from.

To make purchasing the soundbar easy for you, we present a list including the best soundbars under $500. You can read how they perform and get valuable information before making a decision. So, let’s go!

Top 10 soundbars under 500

1. ZVOX SB500 SoundbarZVOX SB500 Soundbar

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Remote, and 3.5mm jack
  • Sound quality: Known for its non-diminishing sound
  • Price: Affordable

Some people think that only specific brands manufacture reliable speakers. You should change that perception as soon as possible because the ZVOX SB500 Soundbar is all about delivering powerful sound. It possesses a non-brand name but don’t think it won’t be able to satisfy your thirst for music. This soundbar works effectively with TVs with sizes up to 50-90 inches. What makes it so sturdy is the combination of dual subwoofers and full-range speakers. Its 140-watt amplifier plays a vital role in producing natural sounds. It has a MegaBass feature which fulfills your need for bass without having to purchase an external subwoofer.

What facilitates users is the fact that there is no specific placement of the speaker. You can just place it wherever you want and enjoy the ever-existing sound. It is impressive in enhancing dialogue. The work of output leveling is to decrease the irritating sound of ads and make it pleasant for you to listen or watch your favorite programs.


  • Unstoppable sound
  • No need to buy a subwoofer
  • Very easy to use
  • Reduces irritating sounds
  • Compact yet powerful


  • Must be handled with care

Best Price

2. Bose Solo 5 TV

Bose Solo 5 TV

  • Connections: 3.5mm AUX, Coaxial input, Optical input, and Bluetooth
  • Sound quality: Amazing sound range
  • Affordable: Perfect price

You might already know about Bose because it is quite popular in the audio globe. Compared to the SB500 Soundbar, it offers you the mismatched value for its caliber. It is a part of the reason why Solo 5 TV is cherished by its users. If we talk about its length, it reaches 21.5 inches. It is mountable on a wall, and there is not even a single button on the soundbar. The absence of buttons increases its stylish look. You can easily control it using the remote that comes along with it. Other than the Bose unit, you can manipulate gaming systems, Bluetooth devices, and a Blu-ray player as well.

It is quite simplistic because you only need to connect a wire. Besides the simplicity, you get to enjoy features such as optimum speech quality and Dialogue Mode. Moreover, you can use different connectivity options as well. It is a big fish that you buy at a low price.


  • Very affordable in comparison with its caliber
  • Stylish and simply
  • High clarity of sound
  • Multiple options for connectivity


  • Better suited for songs with less bass

Best Price

3. Klipsch HD Theater SB 3 Soundbar

Klipsch HD Theater SB 3 Soundbar

  • Connectivity: Digital, 3.5mm input, and RCA input
  • Sound quality: Legendary sound
  • Price: Affordable

The main reason for getting the SB 3 soundbar is the two channels that work together to offer an amazing experience full of sounds. With the horn-loaded technology, it redefines the experience of home theater. With this soundbar, you don’t need to sit with gloomy clouds over you because horn-loaded tweeters deliver an increased dynamic range of music. It permits you to experience details in both highs and lows. You can feel the subwoofer increasing the output of bass while the peak system of 300-Watt increases the power.

There are several connectivity options along with Dolby decoding which facilitates your usage. You can take the sound up a notch without holding back because aluminum diaphragm tweeters are supporting you. Its remote control makes it easy for you to control the functions. So, why are you holding back?


  • Dolby supported
  • Multiple connectivities
  • 3d-surround quality is efficient
  • Powerful bass and stereo


  • Performs better with some specific televisions
  • Bluetooth is not available

Best Price

4. Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro 7.1

Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro 7.1

  • Connectivity: HDMI, Bluetooth, USB, Optical input, and Audio input
  • Sound quality: Optimum Surround-Sound
  • Price: Costlier compared to above-listed soundbars

There are many individuals who buy several costly soundbars to create an inefficient surround system. You can say that the Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro 7.1 fulfills the job very well. It adds real surround sound using the duo of rear satellite speakers and a wireless woofer. To deliver the experience of theater, it uses 400W and eleven speaker drivers. Together with the side firing driver, a large room is filled up with sound without any issue.

The soundbar is precisely 45 inches and can rest anywhere you want. If you are sitting on a couch and want to lower the volume, you can simply use the remote. There are different connectivity options that you can use. You get to enjoy the ease of use with this soundbar.


  • HDMI enabled
  • Remote is available for controlling the soundbar
  • High-quality sound with wide surround sound


  • The absence of Dolby Atmos
  • Costlier compared to the above ones

Best Price

5. Yamaha YAS-203 Sound Bar

Yamaha YAS-203 Sound Bar

  • Connections: Optical, Coaxial, and Bluetooth
  • Sound quality: Both bass and sound are impressive
  • Price: Affordable

Don’t you think that you require a soundbar that fulfills your every requirement? The YAS-203 Sound Bar delivers the theatrical experience that you long for. This sound bar uses 200W for filling up your whole room with musical sounds. Well, the sound doesn’t have to be musical because you can play games and enjoy strong bass as well. With its 34.9 inch size, it is perfect for 40-inch televisions.

When you are watching movies, the subwoofer supports your experience. The explosions and the crashes, you can feel them. There is no need to connect wires with the subwoofer because it is wireless. There are different options for connectivity, and you can choose the one that you prefer. You have a remote as well for controlling the functions.


  • It has a subwoofer
  • Supports strong bass
  • Fills up your whole room with sound
  • Has the capability of Bluetooth


  • Absence of HDMI
  • Needs space for the subwoofer

Best Price

6. Klipsch R-10B Bluetooth Soundbar

Klipsch R-10B Bluetooth Soundbar

  • Connections: Bluetooth
  • Sound quality: Seamless sound and bass
  • Price: Cheap

Do you know that most of the soundbars only replace the traditional speakers of your TV? You want to get beyond that and achieve what common speakers cannot offer you. Raising sonic details is just a primary motive that your soundbar should obtain. The R-10B offers you an efficient dialogue clarity that many speakers lack at the moment. The bonus that you get if you buy this soundbar is all about horn loading.

The peak power output used by this soundbar is 250W which supports gaming, watching movies, and shows. You can feel everything that you watch rather than plainly watching them. As long as your device has the feature of Bluetooth, you will be able to connect with this speaker. The only issue is that you will have to use stronger devices for wide-range usage. It supports Dolby decoder which produces high-quality sound regardless of the program. You can just lean back and let all of your worries leave you.


  • Dolby decoder
  • Sound with high clarity
  • The reach of sound is wide
  • Very easy to use


  • Limited connection options
  • The range of Bluetooth is not strong

Best Price

7. Sony CT8000 Powerful Soundbar

Sony CT8000 Powerful Soundbar

  • Connections: 3 HDMI inputs, analog and digital inputs, USB, and HDMI ARC
  • Sound quality: True immersive sound
  • Price: Highly affordable

Are you one of those who wish to ensure quality in everything they purchase? With the Sony CT8000 Soundbar, you can use the 4K HDR signal for producing in-depth details. Controlling it is very easy, and if you have other Sony products, you can control them with Google Home as well. Its wireless technology allows you to add wireless speakers for producing an even more immersive atmosphere. If you are a music-lover, you will be pleased to know that it supports DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD format.

There are different connectivity options, and you can use the one that you deem comfortable. It means that you don’t have to fuss over anything but just connect and play. Even though it possesses so many qualities, it still is very slim and aesthetic.


  • Multiple input connections
  • Supports Dolby
  • Creates stunning surround sound
  • Its style is attractive


  • The stereo is weak

Best Price

8. VIZIO SB4451-CO SmartCast 44” 5.1 Sound Bar System

VIZIO SB4451-CO SmartCast 44” 5.1 Sound Bar System

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, HDMI, USB, Digital, Analog, and Optical
  • Sound quality: Immersive and breathtaking
  • Price: Affordable

You can say with confidence that the VIZIO SmartCast is a combination of elegant style and high-caliber audio. There are some tracks that you no doubt love, and they will not change. However, the way you feel them; it will change forever once you use this soundbar. This is the guarantee of VIZIO!

Experiencing is all about living the moment, and you do just that with the 103 dB clarity. Even when a car is screeching, and a lion is roaring, you feel as if you are witnessing it before yourself. It is like you are the protagonist and the story revolves around you. Just imagine, the Total Harmonic Distortion is less than 1 percent. There are some times when you want to feel nothing but only the bass. To fulfill your desire, bass up to 40 Hz is supported by this soundbar. It can indeed shake your roof and give you the adrenaline that you crave for. DTS and Dolby audio technologies enable both dynamic and rich sounds.


  • Every type of connection is available
  • You get to experience exceptional quality in terms of sound and bass
  • Dolby and DTS technologies are integrated
  • The bass is enough to shake your room
  • The sound is clarified deeply


  • The stereo quality is low

Best Price

9. LG Electronics SH7B 4.1 Channel 360W Sound Bar

LG Electronics SH7B 4.1 Channel 360W Sound Bar

  • Connections: HDMI and Bluetooth
  • Sound quality: Capable of making your room, a theatre
  • Price: Not expensive at all

To simply put it, you get an easy and effective way of casting your music directly from your device. To enjoy an exceptional home theater experience, you only need to touch a button. By adding the Music Flow to speakers, you make your songs alive. This soundbar creates an ideal atmosphere by automatically identifying the type of song or track. It adjusts accordingly and ensures that the sound you hear is soothing in every possible way.

You get the convenience of controlling the LG soundbar using a remote. This way, you don’t have to stand up and go over to the soundbar itself. Just pressing some buttons can do the trick for you. For the high definition, you can simply use the HDMI input and nothing else. This soundbar makes your life good.


  • The option of HDMI connectivity
  • Wi-Fi streaming
  • A remote is available for controlling the soundbar
  • You get to enjoy the real home theater experience
  • Regardless of the song type, you get the utmost out of it


  • Limited input options
  • Dolby audio technology is not integrated

Best Price

10. Polk Audio Omni SB1 Plus Home Theater Sound Bar System

Polk Audio Omni SB1 Plus Home Theater Sound Bar System

  • Connectivity: 3.5mm jack, Optical input, and Bluetooth
  • Sound quality: Premium caliber of sound
  • Price: You can easily afford it

Do you know that great audio efficiency is the key to experience the moment? It becomes the portal that takes you into the world at which you are looking from the television. Polk Omni Soundbar not only offers exceptional sound but it powers up the fun as well. The subwoofer in the background reinforces sounds and gives a vivid touch to them.

There are modes of Movie and Music immersion which let you adjust the sound according to the content that you are watching. Additionally, it uses Dolby Digital 2.0 and 5.1 decoding for producing a warm and rich mix of sounds. There is a wireless technology that you can use to increase the joy. Play your tracks in seconds!


  • Dolby decoding
  • A wireless subwoofer that increases bass
  • Sound modes for creating an efficient sound atmosphere
  • You can use wireless connectivity for your ease
  • VoiceAdjust technology clarifies every word


  • Inefficient stereo quality
  • Works better with specific television models

Best Price

A guide for buying soundbars under $500

At the moment, there are countless soundbars available on the market. Some of them are excellent while others are not worth your time. When it comes to features, every single one has different features. Some important questions are; does this soundbar have sufficient HDMI inputs? Is there Bluetooth connectivity in it? The issue is that there are many other options and it is difficult covering them all. Just to help you, we wrote this guide so you should read on!

Most important things

You are always in a hurry, so rather than wasting time, we listed the main points. Before purchasing, you should keep them in mind.

  • Don’t think about buying a soundbar with channels less than 3. No doubt, you will find soundbars with two channels, but you should only glance at them. They are not more effective than mini-stereos. When you have a soundbar with 3 channels or more, you can get an immersive experience by stimulating the surround sound.
  • You shouldn’t purchase passive soundbars. It is better if you go active soundbars because they have built-in amplifiers. Meanwhile, passive soundbars don’t have such accessibility. If you are conscious about the space as well, you should buy an active one. It will save your space because you will not have to purchase an external amplifier.
  • Connectivity is very important. Normally, most of the soundbars have the facility of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Using these connections, you can connect any of your devices with the soundbar and enjoy the music. This way, you make it a stereo. However, this is not the end. Keep in mind to check whether it has HDMI switching or not. It allows you to switch between different audio sources without re-routing the cables of HDMI.
  • You should never purchase a soundbar from an unauthorized figure. If you are buying the product from an official, you will get support, service, and a warranty of the manufacturer. It also decreases the chances of scam and whatsoever.
  • Never buy without doing some research. There are many individuals who just check the product out and buy it without finding sufficient information about it. You should never do it. You have some specific requirements, and you don’t know if your soundbar will fulfill them or not. To ensure optimal contentment, you should read reviews and analyze the specs.

Some critical points to consider while purchasing!

There are some questions that you should recognize before actually getting the product. It will help you a lot.

Where do I need the soundbar?

The positioning of the speakers plays an important role in the type that will be more fit for the role. If you think about it, the versatility of soundbars increases with their installation. If you use a table for the TV, place the soundbar on it as well. It is better to place it below the television. If you don’t use a table but the wall, do the same and mount the soundbar.

Which size do I need?

For aesthetic results, it is important that you don’t get a soundbar wider than your television. At present, the trend is that people buy both the TV and the soundbar of the same size. Make sure that the connection between both is right.

What are the channels of a soundbar and how many must I have?

You can consider channels as the individual sound sources or speakers in the soundbar. Commonly, there are 5 channels; two in the back, one in the center, one in the left, and one in the right. Well, more channels certainly produce better surround sound so you can buy according to your budget. It is better if you support as many as possible.

What are my required connections?

At present, the new soundbars have several connectivity options. It makes the process of switching between them easier for the user. Some important ones are:


It is all about ease. You only need to connect ARC input of your TV with the cable of HDMI and nothing else. In the case of multi-channel soundbars, HDMI performs very well.

Wireless connections

Both Wifi and Bluetooth are included in this these connections. If your soundbar has these, then you don’t have anything to worry about. You can simply connect other devices with Bluetooth and Wifi and stream the music. It is just that easy.

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